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Blunderbuss Magazine

As the Art Director of Blunderbuss Magazine, I was in charge of managing a team of artists and photographers that supplied the images that accompanied the written work. In addition to this, I was in charge of the look and feel of the printed editions, coordinating with contractors, and laying the issues out in InDesign.

I worked with the printers directly to achieve the newspaper-inspired style, making sure the paper weight and color printing were acceptable.

Additionally, I provided original, full-color illustrations for the magazine as needed, this is the centerfold of our second issue.

In 2016, Blunderbuss moved to a subscription-based model to support the magazine. I created this simple and fun animated video to send to supporters and embed in our Patreon page.

Constructing Modern Knowledge & Cymbal Press

I have designed multiple covers for Constructing Modern Knowledge and Cymbal Press books, often featuring original illustrations and custom typography.

Exciting and colorful design for Jazz Dialogues with Jon Gordon, a brand new book of compiled interviews with jazz musicians.

Drawing on my experience as a curriculum designer, I laid out the Invent to Learn Guide to Fun to be an easy to follow guide with step-by-step instructions for classroom technology projects.

To promote the Invent to Learn book, I created a playful robot character that became the mascot of the I2L franchise. In addition to printed posters and postcards, I made banners and digital assets to be featured on CMK Press' website and social media pages.


As the Marketing Designer at SmartSign, I had the opportunity to brainstorm and create projects to feature on our retail websites. I enjoyed the process of creating iconography and woodcut style drawings and mixing that with typography to take dull workplace signage and make them more attractive.

Some of my favorite projects were ones that made me feel like I was making a difference, like designing the icons and layout of these colorful recycling stickers.

Signage doesn't have to be boring, this humorous sign is one from a large project where I researched obscure and silly laws in every state and made them into novelty signs.

I had the opportunity to apply my quirky and fun drawing style to these workplace safety posters, taking the boilerplate language and adding these cute animal characters.

BikeGuard is an initiative to help reunite people with their lost bikes. I designed the website, workflow, illustrations and icons with simplicity in mind, with an easy to use registration process.

We promoted the new website with signage and posters that featured original illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions on how to sign up for the program.

Designing these breast cancer self exam tags was extremely fulfilling, and SmartSign partnered with hospitals, gyms, and other local businesses in Brooklyn to give away hundreds of these tags during Breast Cancer Awareness month.


At Globaloria, I designed and wrote game design tutorials for middle and high school students. These tutorials taught users how to code in Javascript, and use Unity 3D and Flash to make educational games. They were broken down into simple steps and formatted in a wiki-style platform.

In order to motivate students to succeed, we added gamification to our platform, so users could earn badges as they completed assignments. I designed all the iconography, badge levels, and the system of "leveling up" for our proprietary platform.

I also led in person and virtual professional development sessions with educators in over 10 states in the US. I taught teachers how to code, animate, and lead their classrooms to success.

We always wanted to be available for our students and educators, so I ran a live help desk team to help users with any part of our learning system. I provided coding and debugging support, help with ideas for games, as well as help with using the platform or assignments.

I always enjoyed flexing my creative muscles and designing sample games, such as Kitty Math to demonstrate the curriculum to users as I walked them through the tutorials and training materials.

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